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December 26th, 2013, 00:28
Originally Posted by ProphetSword View Post
I'm considering pursuing funding again. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to offer people at different levels of funding at this point…or how much to ask for. I need to keep the funding low enough to be realistic, but high enough to get the job done to enhance the game.

I'm only thinking about this now because I've reached a point where I'm starting to work on the combat system, and there are multiple avenues I can take, but some of them cost money…money I don't have…to pull off effectively. So, I'm kind of stuck trying to figure out what to do.
Good advice from Daveyd, I think. Also look at John Ree's Liege and Craig Stern's Telepath Tactics (2nd time lucky) for some good examples of successful low level Kickstarters. Also check out the many recent failed KS attempts that unrealistically promise to remake Skyrim on a shoe string… and don't do what they did.

Like Daveyd, I can't yet get a feel as to whether you have a good idea that will be worth supporting, is realistic in scope, and is practically realizable given your limited resources. You would need to explain how you can make a viable RPG for just a few K that will be worth buying for $15 on Steam, when others are struggling with much larger budgets.

TBH your first KS attempt was *very* far off the mark. r u really, really sure you can do a whole load better than that right now?
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