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December 26th, 2013, 20:19
Originally Posted by SirJames View Post
Hey, listing top picks looks kinda fun. Let me try!

1. Dark Souls II
2. Dark Souls II
3. Lords of the Fallen
4. Kingdom Come: Deliverance
5. Pillars of Eternity
6. Grim Dawn

As for Divinity: Original Sin…. I've been biting my tongue on that one so very hard. But I think I'm gonna just go for it and speak my mind!

Before I played the alpha I was pretty sure it was going to be my favourite game ever, but after… Well… How I put it to a friend was "I would appear that while they know what to make, they don't know how to make it."

A few things have been bothering me, see… I've watched all the Twitch streams and soaked up every scrap of info on the game and It would appear to me that the kickstarter has done nothing and has acted as a presale device only. There were already examples of their stretch goals in the game. They're still on track for a ~March release but to me the game would appear to need years more development time. It's all so sparse and empty. It's not ready for alpha, in my opinion. Be that, as it may, not only has it gone into alpha but near the end of a Twitch stream David has said "It's almost more like a BETA".

So, what did he mean by that? What could he mean? Is it feature complete, for the most part? Why has nothing changed since before the kickstarter?! I've gone from fanboy status to alarm bells going off in my head. I HAVE DOUBTS! I think while what they say its going to be sounds amazing they actually might not pull it off and we'll be left with a 60% scoring game that gets 80% rather than the 100% scoring game it could be.

I do really, really hope it's good… But that alpha…. Not impressed. If I was making that game I wouldn't want people playing it in that state. What if its actually shipped under the guise of early access. They've sold it already, released it to the buyers already, say its more like a BETA. Now they'll do a few patches over the next 2 months and release it slightly better? :/
UGH, see this is why I never play alpha / betas when given the opportunity… I really hope that the disappointment you've experienced is just a result of them disabling a lot of features so they can just test the bare bones stuff first… So I'm just going to pretend I never read your post and still be excited for this game
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