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December 28th, 2013, 22:11
Not sure if I should post here on in the main thread, but anywho! I purchased the game 2 days ago and have had a bit of time to play around with it.
Really like the genre as it reminds me a lot of Decklens Mordor in many ways (most likely because that is one of the dungeon crawlers I played the most), and I am looking forward to test it out some more.

First thoughts without having read all the replies in this thread, some sort of character creation would have been nice but understandable not to have it I guess, since character starts of with 1 in all attributes.
The performance is very sluggish though as I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 which should handle most new games easily, the game feels very laggy as I try to move around, not sure if its some sort of memory loss or something of that kind. I have also had a few crashes where the game crashes and I get the Wiard's grave app has stopped message.
I would love for some minimap to be there simultaneously while moving about because the level (for understandable reasons) is very homogenic in appearance and entering map and exiting it takes quite a while because the game runs slowly.
Sorry for the critique I am very excited about the game and am looking forward to trying it out further, however, my main impressions at the moment are that the game tries to achieve something in line with the gerne, however, due to performance I am not really able to get as much out of it as possible because it runs too slowly.
Also upon death it overwrote my most recent savegame, I am not sure if it is supposed to overwrite a savegame when it tries to reload from the autosave, but my latest save got overwritten by a fresh start it seems.
Will write more as I progress further, I thank you for your effort and look forward to give it a more in depth analysis.
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