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December 29th, 2013, 11:38
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Why are swords and weapons always (99%) carried on a player character's back? I know, I know. We're talking fantasy here. But I've always found it a bit jarring to see this humongous sword or axe stuck to a player character's back like it was a magnet. No sheath, no scabbard because it must stick to his or her back by magic.
In reality [I know, this is fantasy; I get it] this would only work for short weapons like daggers or a short handled axe. Bows are usually depicted correctly for the most part. Sometimes for camera or composition purposes, archers are shown as firing left-handed.
Getting back to my point, a standard sized sword would be nearly impossible to unsheath if it were in a sheath on your back. Your arm is simply not long enough to pull it out. That's why swords were invariably worn on the opposite hip, not on the back. Anyway, just thought I'd share.
Weapons can be worn on the back.

Unsheathing is usually a two handed move.

When worn on the front, long blades are worn high above the hips and unsheathing is made using gravity.

The outer hand is used to tilt the sheath toward the bottom to let gravity work while the inner hand collects the sword on the other side.
On the back, it works the same but it requires suppler arms for sure.
Long swords are rarely unsheathed in a bottom to top move, rather in a top to bottom move.
Using both arms gives you enough span to unsheath long blades.
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