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December 29th, 2013, 21:05
Hi Stavut. Thanks for the reply.

I'll take a look at performance issues. To compensate for a screen refresh issue I started drawing the screen twice. That maybe the culprit but I'll have to talk to Toff to see if the refresh has helped. If it hasn't I'll remove it and see if that helps. Either way I'll test performance on it again without it and monitor if there's a leak somewhere.

I'll also put this on an S3 to see how it works there. When I've recently tested on my phone too I noticed a performance issue that I hadn't seen before but I thought it was my phone just getting old since it seemed to be fine on my emulators and my Galaxy Tab 2.

On your savegame, death should only load your last Autosave and not overwrite anything. A Newgame from the start will overwrite your Autosave and only going up and down ladders and manually saving to Autosave are the only things that can change it.

Nothing should change your other Savegame slots. One way to check is the Savegame names are based on the timestamp. Either way, I'll have a look at this to see if I can duplicate it.

Do you recall where the random crashes are - that is, any details of when it happened? I think if you are online there's an opportunity to report it. I got one report from one user but have never had any crash reports since.

I apologize for the sameness of the walls on every level but I had to manipulate the textures into about 120 images by hand. Its a 2d game believe it or not. My plan for a sequel would involve drawing a wireframe through a vector and filling the vector with texture. If I can do this then I can have more variety of textures.

Sales have been pretty good this week. I got a few sales from Australia, the US, and Europe so I'm wondering how many Watchers wrapped up some Christmas presents. If so, thank you (which includes you Stavut). I think I finally broke even thanks to the holidays (given that, not including soft costs like my electricity bill, my entire out of pocket expense has been the cost to register as a Google developer).


Bob McCabe suggested more variety in the actual game options. Over my vacation I think I've thought of a way to add quests to the system by putting a hook in the combat. That is, when the combat activity starts it would check to see if a quest can be implemented and check the state of that quest and implement a new activity. Combat would only occur if that hook is bypassed by the option or the quest activity passes an ok to fight result back to combat.

I'd like to add more character development but I'm at a dilemma how to do this. In the past I've floated developing an RPG system then tapping the game on top of it. It would effectively be a set of rules first. The initial core of the Wizard's Grave actually had the beginnings of a party system. I doubt I could implement it into what I've got now properly.

Looking into promotion Appbrain will only advertise free games for some reason. If I had in game advertising then paying them might make sense but it doesn't. Either way their recommendations were to reduce the size of the game, which I could do maybe by reducing some of the song sizes, making a free version (a demo), but especially, making it available to store on an sdcard which I thought it already could. Looks like I have to write a few lines on the manifest to allow that which will take all of 2 minutes.

This leads to my other thoughts for a sequel or an expansion.
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