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December 30th, 2013, 12:35
Originally Posted by wolfgrimdark View Post
Some of that is risk - I like both. Interesting NPCs is awesome but a very large mod with a lot of scripts. People just get a little nervous with script heavy mods.
There are scripts in INPCs, but they only fire when they're pertinent, unlike mods like Frostfall, Realistic Needs & Diseases, and so on. So, it's really not that bad. I don't have a powerhouse machine, and I run it along with other mods like the two I just mentioned, and it's fine. I did disable another quest mod (Agent of Righteous Might) because, despite the fact that I hadn't started the quest at all, it was running scripts over and over again, more frequently than anything else in my 100+ mod load order.

In real life you tend to just see people all over while doing things. How often do they end up talking to you and asking for help on a quest or sharing their daily life?

I think it is partly atmosphere. I use them myself but I will admit I prefer the other two NPC ones given a choice as they are more interesting to interact with
Never! But that's because it is, as you point out, real life. I like a game to be fun, more fun than real life, not tedious, ya know? If I have to sift through 100 NPCs to get to one who actually has something unique and interesting to say, for me that's boredom personified.
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