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December 30th, 2013, 15:37
Being able to kill anyone you want doesn't take much money at all. Heck, you can do that free of charge with enough of an imagination

But that kind of power doesn't bring you joy or happiness - which is at the core of the kind of ignorance I'm talking about.

If we agree that being happy in this world and having your needs satisfied is what makes life worth living - then the acquisition of superfluous wealth is an essentially worthless enterprise in a civilised country.

But, obviously, you have to understand and agree that love is the most powerful motivator for living - and that admiration, fear or respect that's based on a fantasy is not going to make you happy in the long run. Meaning that perceived fame, "power" or wealth can never give you anything real in that way. Real respect and real admiration is about something else. You can get fear or power - but that won't make you happy.

So many people don't understand these excessively simple truths about life - so it's really no wonder that they're pursuing so many things that won't make their lives any better in the long run.




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