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December 31st, 2013, 19:44
I agree with the cover stuff, I wish it took more objects into account for cover. A LoS indicator would be nice too. While I agree the alien double movement is incredibly annoying, the fact that it exists means you shouldn't enter overwatch with anyone until everyone has moved to prevent the issue you pointed out of making them useless.

Granted, I haven't messed with Impossible or Ironman but, I've never really had issues with aliens on overwatch, unless I had no idea where the alien was prior to running into their overwatch. If I don't have someone with Lightening Reflexes, I don't move people who could be within their cone. I've never found it super difficult to judge but I also err on the side of extreme caution. That's why the Holo-Targeting trait and snipers, especially with Double Tap and Squadsight, are so valuable. And the addition of Mech troopers in the expansion makes for tanky, hard hitting troops with great distance AoE grenades/land mines (which can be proced by a grenade for 8+5 AoE damage).

Distance isn't completely irrelevant. Shotguns are less accurate at distance (very easy to see as there are times simply switching to the pistol increases hit chance by 10-20%), and I think snipers are less accurate in close.
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