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December 31st, 2013, 19:01
Yeah, you get a lot of different tools to play around with once they reach a higher level, but so increases the alien strength. And even a guy with rank 3 or 4 with some improvements dies almost as fast as a rookie. But the game doesn't really allow you to play safe. There is always a chance based on luck to die horribly.

You are right about the shotgun, but that's why I excluded it by "low range weapons"
But this is really the exception.

Give it a try and play classic Ironman. I guess you don't need more than a couple of hours to be "done" with it, or at least reach a point where it makes no sense anymore to go on (naturally the first wipe). Especially bad your chances are if you get a bomb-map on the first council request. First you are forced to rush and then when you turn off the bomb, it rains thinmen at random spots, so that you are directly flanked. They instantly go on overwatch and will then probably kill you. Without lots of luck (like hitting them on your overwatch already because you know "of course" that this will happen), this is the end already.
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