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January 1st, 2014, 06:50
Hrm, do you really think that it is related to the fact that they gave it away for free?
I mean it's not like GoG can decide what they want to do with the games. It's the publisher who decides which prices and special offers gog/ steam can use.

It's also not the first time gog gave away a fallout title for free.

For me it seems like the neverending story of licensing troubles with the Fallout franchise is going on. Maybe Bethesda was pissed again and told them to stop it.

In Germany there is a big (not gaming related) news site called Spiegel.de which for example had the news of getting Fallout for free - and combined that with a Screenshot of a bethesda Fallout. My guess is that they were not the only ones and Bethesda once again wants to avoid "confusion".
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