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January 1st, 2014, 19:34
Pathea Games has a new post-funding update for Planet Explorers with a new Alpha version for eveyone for X-mas.

And a Merry Christmas to you, hereís a gift!

PE Alpha 0.7 PC Torrent: http://www.pathea.net/a07pc.torrent

PE Alpha 0.7 Mac Torrent: http://www.pathea.net/a07mac.torrent

PE Alpha 0.7 Linux Torrent: http://www.pathea.net/a07linux.torrent

Speed will be faster once we get more stuff uploaded to some seeds.

Direct Links forthcoming.

Alright, after working on this for almost 5 months, weíve finally finished the initial version of alpha 0.7. Now, itís not completely bug free, thatís for sure, so we will be putting out a a0.71 version for sure. In fact, some last minute multiplayer syncing bugs almost kicked this build to next year (we fixed them in the eleventh hour). We actually tried to do a little too much for a0.7, and some of the experiments failed. We tried to do realtime cubemap based ambient lighting. It worked, but the frame rate took a dive to around 15fps even on the HD7970. So it went out the window. We also wanted to write a sound program that runs outside Unity in parallel for all the sounds of the game so you donít get a hiccup when Unity does garbage collection (Unityís Mono is really old, so garbage collection takes longer than it should, and doesnít seem to work all too well anyway). We were waiting to see if Unity will upgrade their Mono with Unity 4.3, they didnít, and by the time we knew that, there wasnít enough time to add this feature. So youíll still get awkward skips in sound and music in this build.
More information.
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