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January 1st, 2014, 18:53
I double checked with my HTC Inpsire and Galaxy Tab 2 and neither of them had performance issues. So I stole my wife's Galaxy S3 when she while she was sleeping and loaded the game up on that.

Other than the default font looking great I immediately noticed the MediaPlayer wouldn't play any music. The sound effects were okay but the music refused to play and messages regarding the MediaPlayer were flooding the logcat.

I also noticed there were significant memory problems. Playing the game more and more to the external memory cap significantly (note previous post where this cap can't be reduced on external memory even when the active memory is cleared up). The external memory cap seems to be about 64mb on an S3 which is the highest I ever saw it. It went kablooie after that when it tried to go higher.

Something like this is probably going on on the S4 too. The OS is 4.1 so maybe an upgrade will help.

Question for Stavut: is the music playing on your S4? I also got a message on Google play if that was you. Thanks for that.

I also want to see how it performs when loaded to an sdcard but unfortunately she blinged her phone out and doesn't want to break the cover by removing it so I can't install it.
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