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January 2nd, 2014, 00:08
Objects in the way definitely don't change accuracy.
Range however changes accuracy but only to a small degree in relation to cover bonuses.
You can see an opponent on ~17 tiles distance.
If you are closer than 10 tiles you start get distance bonuses. With 1% at 9 tiles, 11% at 7 tiles, 19% at 5 tiles, so it gets much higher if the distance is extremely short.
But compared to that:

Half Cover decreases hit chance by flat 20%
Full Cover decreases hit chance by flat 40%
Flanking bonus increases crit chance by flat 50%

The problem is also that the game only uses addition for calculations, no multiplication, which again is an unrealistic board game mechanic.

So between being flanked and having half cover are 20% to hit and 50% crit.
Which in the game looks like this:
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