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January 2nd, 2014, 00:19
I am just analyzing "why I don't like it" instead of just saying "the game is shit"
I know that it is very successful and even hardcore strategy players love it.

I made this example on another site: XCom uses it's completely own logic, which you can learn of course. But it is like learning to play a racing game where you have to use the handbreak each time, you want to go on fullspeed. It just feels completely wrong to me. Especially compared to games with more realistic models like Jagged Alliance. But actually there is hardly a game with a less realistic system. Even the one from Shadowrun Returns is more realistic (though the balancing totally failed). And I feel like once I got used to it I crippled myself for other games.

At least they let you turn in Aiming Angles now…
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