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January 2nd, 2014, 14:23
Although offtopic just to add something…

Mentioned above is that you're asked about VAT number whatnot during import process and in my country you need to have whatnot number called EORI. Even if you're not a company you must go get it in whatever governmential office. Luckily, you get it immediately, you just show up with your ID and no need to wait for possibly antitetorist checks and NSA spying over iPhone crap.

Not all shipping companies ask for this travesty. I've received some stuff without it, but there is a company that insists on it - FedEx. Which means, if I have an option to avoid FedEx and use any other option, I'll take it no matter if it costs more!

Finally, you say 21 and 19? Lucky you. I get skinned with 25%!

To sum this up. I'm not importing retail discs any more and am completely into buying digital forms. But you can't do it for everything. I've mentioned official Bethesda store in the pricewatch thread (20% off), you can't buy digital representation of stuff from there. Luckily, they don't work with FedEx when it comes to shipping to my country so no problem with them.

But an example recently I've ordered something outside of EU I can't buy as digital thing - an airgun. It's Pyramydair and they use FedEx. Can't even describe complications with the shipment. I know I'm an idiot and could go for another model available in local stores, but I just had to buy this one not available in anywhere in EU.
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