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January 2nd, 2014, 19:34
After having thought about this for awhile, I call bullshit. There's no way they spent 200 mil unless they did a major u-turn somewhere during production.

You look at BioEA's budget for Star Wars TOR, which was huge by any media standards, and you realize they had something like a million lines of dialogue. I seriously doubt there's going to be that kind of voice acting going on here. Granted, that's just a small piece of the puzzle, but it's an expensive piece.

The math done above— $100k/per dev is way too high, even when benefits are included. I'd have to think most are making half that, at best, outside of management. $40-50k is more like it, and that's for actual skill people. The worker bees (office staff, etc) are probably on an hourly wage giving them maybe $20-30k. And interns are often free.

Naw, the numbers don't add up. Even when marketing is considered.
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