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January 3rd, 2014, 00:03
Well, I think it was mostly due to having played and adored DE:HR not long before Dishonored came out - and it didn't compare favorably as a stealth/exploration game with a strong atmosphere.

Also, the art direction was a big issue for me - because one of the major reasons I play these games is to explore and immerse myself in the unique levels. To me, the art direction sort of ruined that aspect - because I found the game cartonish and I tend to despise exaggerated art styles. Also, given the steampunk setting and the obvious console technical concessions - the levels didn't have the kind of visual fidelity I require to feel fully immersed.

But I should be fair and mention that the gameplay flows well and is REALLY smooth, actually. Jumping and stuff feels perfect - and they did well making you feel like a really heroic sort of assassin.

Unfortunately, you get most of your toys very early - and there just isn't enough variety in the actual "gameplay arsenal" for the game to keep being interesting.

Well, not to me - anyway. In that way, it's a lot like Thief - which I also am not a huge fan of. I like the concept - but I ultimately get bored with such a (deliberately) small scope in terms of gameplay.

But I'd recommend it to any stealth fan. There aren't many of these games and this is definitely not a weak title.




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