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January 3rd, 2014, 06:11
Amulets & Armor was a Arcade RPG released back in the 1990's with little success. You can check out the game on the projects website as it's now free for eveyone.


Happy New Year!
The work on the classic version continues. This is most of the last important bugs found in the game (see below). If you find more bugs, don't hesitate to send us a report by email! We're now going to focus on the OpenGL port of the game.

  • Option added to disable dropping items when character dies.
  • Option added to change speed of mouse and keyboard turn rates from 20% to 200%.
  • Toggling between look and mouse mode no longer causes the look angle to jump.
  • Added missing music files (MUSIC6 and DANCE). Now music can play on all adventure levels.
  • Fixed a crash at the end of the first level of Elmore's Retreat.
  • Fixed leak when playing a long time that would cause music to stop playing or crash.
  • Fixed problem when teleporting to water covered area while wearing ring of water walking. It no longer constantly teleports back and forth.
  • Movement speed is now properly recalculated when strength changes from spells.
  • Health and Mana properly update when using amulets and rings fo food and water conservation/nourishment.
  • Improved diagonal strafe/sidestep calculations.
  • Players can no longer move when dead.
Download the latest from the download page.
More information.
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