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January 3rd, 2014, 15:31
The OGL was only a part of the issue. It's the part that people seem to focus on, but there were reasons why the rules ended up not being a good match for this game. I would have spent a lot of time implementing things to work exactly as you might expect when they weren't even necessary.

As an example, every D&D-type game I've ever played has a "Magic Missile" spell, and an expectation of how it works. In order to keep up with this expectation, I would need to take a lot of time to make sure that I recreated the spell in a way that would be familiar and that worked as it should have. (And yes, I know "Magic Missile" isn't the toughest spell in the bunch, I'm just using it as an example). This means that it would have to look like a "Magic Missile," and act like a "Magic Missile" (including the ability to split at higher levels of play). Now, multiply that times 100 or so different spells (and this doesn't take into account other systems in the game…this is just spells).

That's a lot of work. And it would likely lead to burn-out, especially when I ran into things that weren't easy to implement.

Or, I could develop my own spells that work the way that I want them to. Doing that takes away the expectation of how they work. If my game has a spell called "Mystical Flame," you have no expectation for what that spell does or how it should work; because, it isn't based on anything that already exists. You will learn it as you use it.

The less time I have to put into trying to shoehorn existing systems into the game, the more time I can spend on developing features and story.
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