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January 3rd, 2014, 16:28
Originally Posted by benetar View Post
Guys this is easy Math. They have over 4 Million Beta sign ups. Let's say 1/2 buy it at Full retail $50 a box. That is $100 Million (yes I know they do not get it all the revenue). Then 1/2 those subscribers stay 1 year ( 2MX 12 months x 1/2) That is 15M per month over 12 months = 180M. There is 280M the first year— couple that with the downsizing that will occur to reduce overhead and the rest will be gravy.

I actually think the first year sales will move as many units as Skyrim— so we may be talking close to a Billion in Sales. And every one of those sales that stays more than 1 month is gravy.
Actually, ESO would have to do a lot better than that to stay in the red, because you don't account for ongoing cost, not to mention on-going development as a MMO doesn't stop development once it's out of the gate. Unless it wants to start bleeding subscribers madly. Also salaries, which probably aren't that low a number given they've spend money for like 40 Torments/Eternities over 6 years or so, even if they reduce the overhead a bit.

As for sales, I am a bit doubtful there's much overlap between Elder Scrolls fans and MMO ones, not to mention that the ESO, from what I gather, is nothing like the single player games. No way they move as much units as Skyrim at release, nomatter what.
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