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January 3rd, 2014, 19:02
Aurora is only 6 years older than Nebula device. Not 15 like those pinballs.
Aurora2 (Electron Engine) is only 2 years older.
Unlike Nebula device, Aurora is NOT an open source code.

Nebula device was intended to do TDE, Aurora was intended to do d&d. Totally similar things of converting tabletop rules into a crpg, the difference is that Nebula device does the job better.

And honestly, if TW2 used Nebula device, I wouldn't mind at all. And they could as in that engine much bigger project than TW1 can be made. Not that I'm unhappy with cdpr's selfmade engine.

Nebula device and Nebula engine are two different things - Nebula engine is ment for browserbased games, it's used by Bigpoint although also developed by Radon Labs and I'm unsure if that one is open source
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