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January 3rd, 2014, 19:45
I know exactly what you mean as I had the exact same problem. I had a lot of decisions to make on how to implement "Missile" in my own game and one of the decisions I made was to not have it split up into multiple arrows the way its traditionally implemented; instead using it as a low cost magic replacement for a sword.

What it sounds like is you're experiencing the dilemmas faced of implementing an entire system and facing the consequences of how they are intended to react. What they don't tell you is how to interpret the rules and adapt them for a video game. Few people realize that its an adaption like how a movie is made from a novel.

One of the things I think of doing for my next project is start with a core set of rules, implement them, and work out how they are interpreted at the front end. The core rules would be modular in fashion be algorithms that the front end (the GUI, game, or HUD) could interpret at its will. And I would like to make this public so anyone could use them as they wish.

My concern for anyone else's system is the arbitrary rules the can put on in doing this. One of the reasons Torvalds went with GNU is because he wanted the flexibility of allowing his kernel to be sold commercially. I wouldn't want a company to feel restricted in giving out their source code or their changes to my code that they feel is necessary.
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