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January 4th, 2014, 01:40
Originally Posted by benetar View Post
Guys this is easy Math. They have over 4 Million Beta sign ups. Let's say 1/2 buy it at Full retail $50 a box. That is $100 Million (yes I know they do not get it all the revenue). Then 1/2 those subscribers stay 1 year ( 2MX 12 months x 1/2) That is 15M per month over 12 months = 180M. There is 280M the first year— couple that with the downsizing that will occur to reduce overhead and the rest will be gravy.

I actually think the first year sales will move as many units as Skyrim— so we may be talking close to a Billion in Sales. And every one of those sales that stays more than 1 month is gravy.
I would be surprised if even 1/10th of those 4 million sign ups buy the game. Many people 'beta jump' MMOs, they just sign up for any MMO they see in sites like MMORPG.com and play for free. Then there are those (like ahem, me) who just didn't like the game, plus others that won't buy it at full price but wait until it hits $30 or less (or wait until it inevitably goes F2P).

As for the salaries, it depends on where the developers are. In Silicon Valley developers probably earn 100k+, but rest of the country it's more like 50-80k.
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