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January 4th, 2014, 22:09
So I just watched Lars von Trier's Melancholia. And I have to say that I was very disappointed with this movie. Hailed as probably the best movie of 2011, and going on to win a lot prizes, too, I felt confound, confused, and bewildered. What was my fellow country man, Lars von Trier, trying to say: That melancholia is a planet that destorys all life? or that the lavish luxury times have ended? or maybe something in between. link to imdb's info about the movie:

On the other hand, if the movie was about me - and the audience - feel the emotional disturbence in the lead character's role (played brilliantly by Kirsten Dunst, btw), then it definitely succeeded. However, aside from the beautiful scenery and the nice cinematograpphy, I felt the movie was way to long; I also was very bored. One can only take so many movies about how phoney marriages are etc. etc.

Grown Ups 2 was fun to watch, though. Maybe a cure for melancholia..
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