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January 5th, 2014, 18:15
Hello again.

I've had the chance to do a bit more testing, and sadly it has become worse than previously.

I have reported the crashes via the editor that pops up upon crash.
Mainly it stems from entering combat (especially with priests but also occurred on skeletons and spiders but to a much lesser degree), equipping robes or other pieces of armor and when trying to drop items mainly seems that sometimes a slot is corrupted and when I try to drop the item the game will crash.
Also when picking up gear and my bag is full, if one of the corupted items are attempted to drop, the game does not register the drop and essentially nothing is picked up after the pick up item is chosen.
I tried with sound on and off but really no difference, game is quite sluggish and now crashing quite often. Not sure if some optimization can be done for the S4, but at this point I'm probably putting it off for a bit until more optimization is done as performance is still sluggish and crashes happen quite frequently. Also with regards to the savegame issues, when I load a game and enter camp mode to heal if I was wounded at the given savegame, it would put me at the random starting point and my inventory would be empty and I would be at 0 exp and have to reload.

Edited: Also after starting a new game to check, the tunic the character starts with cannot be dropped, when something else is equipped and the tunic gets the itemslot below the Fist, one cannot drop the tunic.
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