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January 6th, 2014, 00:45
First I wanted to highlight the two games which were already mentioned here:
Jagged Alliance 2, which focuses heavily on tactics, but has very strong RPG elements, especially considering the individuality of over 60 characters.
And Avernum, which you can get for just around 12$ bucks on steam and gog.
Avernum is an awesome open world RPG with Turn Based combat, lots of exploration, side quest and actually 3 main goals in the game, each with different endings. On the highest difficulty it is also one of the hardest RPGs I ever played. Just be aware Sounds and Graphics are sub-average. Played for 159 hours.

The two other games I want to mention here are:
Dark Sun A game from the early 90s set in a D&D world, which is completely destroyed and turned into deserts. You begin fighting for your lives in an Arena and then break out. I see it as the predecessor to Baldurs Gate and actually prefer it due to the Turnbased combat system. Make sure you play the Dark Sun Shattered Lands though. The second game "Ravager" wasn't that good.
And another rathe recent title: Drakensang: River of time
It's very similar to Baldurs Gate or Dragon Age 1 which was released shortly before. Also has a Pausable Real Time Combat. Not so well known out of Germany.
But make sure it's the "River of time" as this is the second game with this name. The first game wasn't as good and the Expansion "Phileasson's Secret" is quite bad. Well, you can get them all bundled as "Drakensang: Complete Saga" for 15$ on amazon.
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