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January 7th, 2014, 03:02
[QUOTE=screeg;1061233792]I loved the Praetor questline. Great balance between combat/non-combat options.[/QUOTE

I wonder if it is the only really fun one. I am infering a lot when I read the various blogs and updates.. but I get that while there is alot of dialogue options with the various archetypes, some are just choose your adventure style-- and how much fun can it be if you ultimately don't have some unique fun ways to experience combat with that archetype. Otherwise, it is just and adventure game right? (I guess it is still an RPG)

The other thing that would be interesting is how many who download the demo and install it and play it end up buying it. I am one who just has not been compelled to install and play it yet because of the sale's and backlog producing ooh Shiney's! I have picked up.
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