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January 7th, 2014, 23:12
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the tunic and the fist are supposed to do that. its how I revert the player to a default weapon and armor without crashing the inventory slots. I also was concerned and didn't want the player to find themselves running around naked .

speaking of crashing the slots, what's really going on are out of memory errors on your system, according to the log you sent. This is consistent with what my wife's phone is doing. The 2nd Level Wizard, The Priest, has one of the most complicated images and therefore takes up a lot of memory (grr, thank you Albrecht Dore!)

Its mainly the images on your system that are doing it because of the really high resolution of the Galaxy S4. Its terribly ironic. It just that the other actions that are sending it over the top, the external buffer limit.

It took a look at it this weekend and I can do one of three things: create a set of lower resolution images (and hopefully they won't become the same size as the higher res images when they scale); create a set of images specifically for that size screen - its tacky but its the only way to guarantee the size; or to run the images through the bitmap factory like here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4…/823966#823966.

I'll try to get on this ASAP. I'm leaning to the last one as the fix. Its difficult to find the time unfortunately as I have to commute an hour each way from work or I would have done this already.

Really sorry for your problems.
Ah ok, makes good sense with the tunic! I thought the corrupted item slots was because of it or somewhat related to it.
Great to hear that you found the real culprit, I'm looking forward to try out the game in the future when the matters have been resolved. I fully understand the time constraints, and it will be nice to have something to look forward to when I'm taking the train to work as well.
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