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January 8th, 2014, 04:27
The train to work was exactly what I was going for. Actually, it was playing with your thumb while waiting for the bus specifically.

I made some progress using that link above. I got it to work surprisingly but since it also implements the old way not recommended as a hybrid I've seen very little improvement in memory.

What I have seen is very ugly images. I'm sure I can get the memory down by removing the old system but I'm concerned about the cost to the picture quality.

The images on the dungeon screen take up the most memory - about 41mb. Getting into combat puts it to 43mb right away but can send it over the top. The limit seems to be 70+mb on the S3.

There might be some improvement if the old images on the dungeon screen are still in cache when they get overwritten. If they are, maybe I can clear the cache and keep the external heap from growing as well.

As it is I'm only looking at the possibility of reducing the default picture quality for the dungeon and if its bad, well, that's not acceptable.
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