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January 9th, 2014, 19:37
Well then, a quick glance gives me some more and less well-known acts.

I'd definitely look into Concrete Blonde, although you probably know about them already. On the rougher side of things, we've got:
"Wasteland" by Dreamgaze (Michael is tremendously cool and does some amazing drawings in addition to his music)
"Bandaid Covers the Bullet Hole" by Scarling
"Remember Me" by The Birthday Massacre

Smoother fare:
"Stir About the Stars" by Love Spirals Downward (one of my favorite tunes)
"In the Darkness" by Orchards and Vines (not really the track I wanted for this list, but it's all I could find)
"Where the Wind Goes" by The Shroud

What the hell, I'm on a roll…
"Clean the Traces" by Chandeen
"When Will It End" by Falling You (last.fm link)
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