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January 13th, 2014, 13:23
The German thing has an bigger background : The "Abmahn-Industrie" was hitting new heights.

The "Abmahn-Industrie" consists of a partnership of firms - sometimes so tiny no-one never noticed them before, or especially founded for this casde - and lawyers hired to find out breaches of copyrights - and then send out Abmahn letters ("cease & desist").

In the German case, an lawyer tried this as well - seemingly by building an "honeyspot", and then asking the court for giving them the IP adresses of users.
It seems to be that this lawyer never had the rights for the streamed material, and they tricked users into going into an fake web site which has a name similar to that of the streaming site.

Other lawyers have already sent in notifications regarding fraud against this lawyer, because of why I tried to explain above - English isn't my first language, and therefore I'm unfamiliar with law terms.

Not only did the court "mess things up", but in fact the court itself ( ! ) has been tricked into giving information to that lawyer which he was not allowed to get.

Still no-one has translated the German term "Abmahn-Industrie" yet, seemingly there are too many Nerds and too few Lawyers on Wikipedia, all I can give you is this article : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abmahnung

One special thing of the German "Abmahn-Industriue" consists of the fact that the fee that is reached through an cease & desist letter is kept by the lawyer. So, this means that if he finds an willing ally, then this is money printing at large - depending on how many cease & desist letters are going out.
If an lawyer charges let's say 100 Euros per letter, and sents out 1000 of them - these numbers are nothing extraordinary nowadays here ! - then the profits are 1000 x 100 Euros. For the lawyer. The ally … I don't klnow. And some copytright holders are founded just for this case - siomilar to Patent Trolls. No-one is able to prove that they get a share from these "profits", but everyone suspects it, then.
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