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January 14th, 2014, 14:24
NB: Apologies if this post is incoherent. I'm writing this from work and am constantly interrupted by other things.
Originally Posted by Styg View Post
What I wanted to do is reward player with experience for exploring Underrail, fighting new types of creatures (as opposed to farming easy ones) and just generally discovering and experiences more of the game world. Without them having to make optimal combat builds or finish the quest branch that gives the most experience.
Interesting. I salute your goals for this new experience system and your courage to innovate! Kudos. However, I'm still a bit unsure how it will actually work out. A lot of it will, naturally, depend on the implementation. I'm generally leery of any "magical XP orbs" and such floating about the world, but gladly you have done a good job of integrating these XP finds as reasonable parts of the world (judging from the example you've shown). Also, the great thing is that you're providing a traditional XP system too, so there is no need to panic for those wanting a more traditional fare. I will definitely try this "Oddity System," as I see it as an interesting new take on XP rewarding and character growth, but I need to slightly critique it (hopefully in a constructive way).

I get it that you want to reward exploration and not force anyone to e.g. do the quests just to get XP, but removing direct XP rewards from quests entirely is a curious decision. Not saying it's a bad decision. But if you still get XP rewards for finding ways to do "quest related" things, like progressing the plot, finding some key item, gaining access to some key area or talking to some NPC, then isn't it just a roundabout way of giving quest XP - by achieving those things you get XP or oddities which give XP. The traditional XP system doesn't have to be like a bad MMO, where you cannot get XP for finding X or killing miniboss Y until you actually have the quest that prompts you to do so in your quest log. You could just as easily, without these "oddities," have a similar system where the action, be that exploration, combat, finding a key item, or whatever to just give XP when it's done for the same result. So, IMO, there is a danger that the "oddity system" can be a lot of inventive work for no real end result. Granted, with the exception of the limited multiple use of one type of oddity, which allows sprinkling these oddities (which I'll insist on calling "XP orbs" because I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Fable 2 which used such things, which I considered stupid, but the bad taste is from the entire game, not due to the orbs alone) with no fear of "XP overdose".

Or let's take kill XP. If the new system basically just boils down to getting "XP as loot" from enemies, it is just kill XP in another form. By having these XP drops be usable only for a set number of times does limit XP farming, but the same could be achieved by e.g. comparing threat levels (low threat enemies reward no XP) or kill numbers (after 10 kills of enemy type X, they award no XP). I guess I'm simplifying this a bit too far, but I'm not seeing a lot of distinction between getting XP from killing enemy X or getting XP from looting oddity Y from enemy X you just killed.

That being said, I am curious of this new system and will definitely give it a go. Don't let my old RPG grognard's suspicion of all things new be an impendiment to you. Still supporting you all the way, Styg. Underrail has the promise of becoming one hell of a post-apoc CRPG. The true Fallout 3 (without being Fallout, of course).
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