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January 14th, 2014, 20:13
@Lurking Grue

Thanks for the well thought out post, it was not incoherent at all.

Yes, you are right. I could award XP for all those things (advancing the plot, finding key items, discovering specific areas, etc) and limit the amount of kills that grant XP, etc. It's definitively a solution to the problem and I did consider going this route as well.

The disadvantage of that system is that it's kinda all over the place, awarding XP for certain actions while not granting it for other; not certain type of action, e.g. you only want to award XP for accessing a specific area, not for every room player enters. Having a system that can cover all the different actions you want to reward and do so through a singular mechanic is in my opinion superior in a sense that it is easier to maintain through development and I think easier for player to follow (though that might just be me).

Again, there is no fundamental differences between what this system those and what you're suggesting could be in place instead of it. I just find this implementation more elegant.

The reason I decided not to award XP directly for quest completion is as I stated in the dev log:
you should only have to do quests that progress the story (or alter the game world) in the way you want or have other in-game rewards you desire, and not because it's the only way to become more powerful.
Also balancing out XP rewards for different branches of the quest, especially when there's also intertwining and not just branching, is a chore and often not even possible, so the player is often encouraged to follow quest branch that leads to more XP, instead of one that is compelling for other role-play reasons.

I hope I managed to answer some of your questions at least. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.

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