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January 18th, 2014, 01:26
Mo Mozuch, IDT: "I commented on Bethesda's arrogance before, especially with how they handled the whole Survivor2299 hoax. I really balk at the notion that fans just love Fallout so much we'll buy it even if Bethesda chooses to treat us like idiots in the run-up to the game. By not commenting on Fallout 4 Bethesda opens the door for fans to be misled again and again. Survivor2299 wasn't even the most recent hoax. A fake e-mail claiming a Fallout 4 announcement made the rounds a few weeks ago. So now hoaxers are getting into people's emails? Why won't Bethesda just stop this madness already?"

I thought this was odd, as well. I get that companies aren't obligated to comment every time someone hoaxes their products, but this one went a bit too far-- yet we heard zero from Bethesda until it was exposed. Free hype/viral marketing, sure. But it rubbed people the wrong way.
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