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January 18th, 2014, 14:16
18th of January, and the day after pibbur followed the advice of the ninja and went to Texas, San Antonia.

It's also the day in
350 when Magnentius deposes Roman Emperor Constans and proclaims himself emperor. As we all now, rising to empirehood in Rome is in general a bad idea, something M. came to regret when he died in 353.

474 when seven year old Leo became Byzanthinian emperor Leo II. Turns out, which became apparent after 10 months, that Byzantinian emperors don't fare much better than the Roman ones.

1126 when chinese emperor Huizong resigned. Although his rule, for some reason, lasted for 26 years, the curse of emperorhood did not fail, according to Wikipedia, his last year in office "marked a period of disaster for Son China".

1778 when James Cook became the first human to dscover the Sandwich Islands aka Hawaii. Oops, sorry, he became the first known European human discovereing said slands. After this, people have discovered the islands again and again and again…. and again.

1871 when Wilhelm becomes emperor Wilhelm version 1. Apparently, based on his 17 years in office, the emperor curse don't travel that far north.
1997 when Brge Ousland of Norwegian persuation became the first human to cross the Antarctic alone and unaided. Come to think of it, there have been a lot of world records connected to skiing very very down under. We had the fist team (Norwegian) reaching the south pole, the first team coming too late, the first female reaching the pole, the first person lacking one arm, the first lawyer, and … kpibbur considers becoming the first person crossing the continent without any training.

Significant first time appearances:
1896 An X-Ray emitting macine
1903 Transatlantic Radio
1946 Wrestler Perro Aguayo (allegedly)
1984 Benji
1977 Legionella pneumoniae
1980 MR Peppers, american football player. Now, is he an American fooball player, or is he an American American footbal player?
2005 The mighty A380

pibbur who notices that the toilets in San Antonio is, unlike any other toilet he's visited in the US is appropriately sized, with the seat positioned at a biologically suffient height. Additionaly the water level in said toilet isd, again unlike any other toilet he's visited in the US, is non intrusive to the lower parts of his body. There are BTW about 20000 googles for pibbur, but more than 800000 for pibbur and toilets.
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1. The cat is alive! And pissed!!!
2. It's been 82 years. The cat is dead, and the stench is unbearable!!!
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