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January 20th, 2014, 08:28
Divinity Original Sin hit Steam Early Access - with 24 hours of the posting here where the dev was discussing early access.

Kinda cool…except for the $40 price tag, which according to threads on steam is the release price for the game.

I guess I don't fully understand how community funding (kickstarter) works or how indie pricing works. I would expect that a game funded by the community wouldn't be quite so expensive. Seems a bit…greedy? It's also a bit pricey for an indie title regardless.

This is something that's a bit off with Kickstarter backed games in general. In a classic situation a publisher puts up money, dev makes game, publisher gets money back (more complicated than that but there's an expectation of return on investment). If the game is community funded, the backers don't get money back, they just get a copy of the game. So if the dev sells a bunch of units no top of handing out copies to backers, that would seem to be pure profit, since the KS funding just paid the dev salaries for the development cycle. You want to see devs of good games succeed and be enabled to continue development or develop more…but at one point is this whole thing kind of shady?

I *was* excited for this game but at this point it seems kind of unclean. How does one get the community to fund your development then turn around and charge so much for an indie game?

Plus it's kind of odd that this site has always been all over original sin but hasn't posted anything about it being on steam even though it's a been a few days.

I'll be interested to see what others think of all of this.
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