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January 20th, 2014, 16:53
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
*sigh* your not you paying $40 for the game and then you have the CHIOCE to beta test. Or you can just wait and but it On release.

We're just forced to have self control!

Self control is much harder to have than a go of Divinity:OS, when it's one of your most eagerly awaited titles!

Originally Posted by Voqar
*was* excited for this game but at this point it seems kind of unclean.
It needs a lot of work and probably shouldn't have been rushed into a soft launch, or "alpha" as they have it. But it still has all the potential to be a great game that it ever had. I definitely wasn't expecting it to feel quite as rough as it does.

I feel like with the state the game is in there's absolutely no need for community input cos if you're out of ideas at this point then what the hell are you doing making games. Put out the alpha when you've done everything you can think of then get some feedback. That's all the feedback I could give until they give me a full game to look at.

I've played 15 hours of it anyway and checked out the co-op without many issues. You can see progress has been made already.

I'd still recommend people wait for the full version and avoid the early access.
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