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January 21st, 2014, 20:17
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Are you still enjoying it?
Overall yes I am. I've sort of run dry on PC RPGs at the moment, waiting for some 2014 RPGs to come out - this game is fairly good though on a console.

Here's a small list of Pros and Cons about 5 to 7 hours into the game:

*Open World
*Day/Night cycles that actually alter gameplay (tougher mobs at night, quests that can only be solved during day or night)
*Varied Combat Gear
*Lots of Items and items are combine-able as well as some items have limited shelf life
*NPC schedules
*World areas already explored are worth returning to - there always seems to be some new quest even in the starting town every time I come back to it
*Combat can be challenging - you have to be prepared and 'prepared' can mean taking into considerations several different things

*No target selecting leaves me constantly looking for whoever I'm trying to attack - perhaps this is just a learning curve not sure
*The game would arguably play a lot better with a mouse and keyboard
*Over-use of blurring affects - I had the same issue with Two Worlds II - after about an hour I start having a dull headache
*I get quite a bit of screen tear
*Strange balance-issues - on a couple of story-fights (so far on story-fights I've been supported but NPCs other than my party), I barely did anything to the 'boss' because I don't really know what I'm doing but still win, while on run-of-the-mill enemies I get slaughtered fairly routinely. It was strange to beat the multi-headed hydra in the Encampment where I actually did ZERO damage but then get congratulated as the big hero of the fight.
*All the in-game objects you can collect are great, but micro-managing it all with a controller really stinks

These are my thoughts so far. But overall, really enjoying the game. In some ways, it is actually much more interesting than vanilla Skyrim. But I do miss the combat style of Dark Souls.
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