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January 23rd, 2014, 14:00
Originally Posted by Styg View Post
Also balancing out XP rewards for different branches of the quest, especially when there's also intertwining and not just branching, is a chore and often not even possible, so the player is often encouraged to follow quest branch that leads to more XP, instead of one that is compelling for other role-play reasons.

I hope I managed to answer some of your questions at least. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.
Apologies for my late reply (and I'm writing from work again, so this might be incoherent).

I haven't had the time to test the new version with the Oddity System, so unfortunately I can't speak from actual game experience, but after reading your description of the system again and your reply to my post, I'm convinced. I wasn't against the system in the first place, mind you. I was just curious about the decisions and ideas behind the system, and wanted to hear more about the design. With proper use, the Oddity System is sure to be an interesting and, what's more, a very versatile XP awarding scheme, I've no doubts about that. As I said above, a lot depends on the implementation, of course. The oddities need to be carefully placed and their nature/form must fit the game world, but barring any "fumbles" in those departments, it is a solid design - and a totally new design, which is something I really appreciate.

(Small sidenote/ramble: The CRPG scene needs to have innovation, else it stagnates. As any of the bigger developers are usually loathe to experiment and too timid to innovate, it is the burden of the indies to do that. They are the vanguard in CRPG evolution. So, at the risk of repeating myself - kudos, Styg!)

So yes, I'm on board with the oddities (er, that sounds a bit odd, pun not intended ). The oddities will achieve what was their design focus, i.e. give the player a lot of freedom in how to go about playing the game, not forcing the player to e.g. take unwanted quests just to advance the character, etc. And that's all good.
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