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January 26th, 2014, 12:48
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
A matter of taste. If I think about the countless hours I've spent running through half-empty towns over and over again in almost every RPG, I find this refreshing.
They're officially saying they tried real 3D towns but couldn't find the fun in them … but that's probably marketing BS. The true reason is probably the game's low budget. I'm not even sure it reaches 7 digits. So I'm actually happy they had the guts to leave stuff out instead of doing it half-assed.
Woo if I remember well we hate together (not that I care in any way but I bet you do) but it's a very pleasant surprise to quote we share some key point of view, that alas too many players don't see the same. I don't reproach anything to other point of views, RPG are lot a matter of illusions, and some illusions can work much better on some players than on some other. And it's not a player failure to believe in an illusion because there's many illusions to know accept and believe to if you want enjoy a RPG.

So I so agree with you, have a large plane to wanderer, with just some spread tedious random combats, many trees and plants to look at, the choice to go left at 45 degree or go left at 50 degree or go right, it's very often void an no real choices, nor an exploration gameplay. The only value of such "exploration" is the tourism value, and it can be ok but not enough for me.

In my opinion the system they offer could be an excellent base for a very interesting exploration but they stick to no exploration with the point of view of Tactical RPG. Same system with a real exploration is possible I think by developing for each path and each destination a text and a bigger picture developing hints, tips, informations. Paths information would build a strong exploration layout, when Location information would build the area mood, tourism and lore. To perfect it even better destination information would be a first information level for each location and offering a first layout more lore based.

I think it could be a huge fun, but not sure many players would enjoy and certainly a huge cost in time and design to give it a good quality, ie just a dream. :-)
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