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January 27th, 2014, 06:37
Softpedia has a new review for Might & Magic X: Legacy giving the game a 8.5/10.


There are two types of people as far as Might & Magic X: Legacy goes, those who upon hearing “Might & Magic” think of a role-playing game, and those who think about a strategy game. The former category will greatly enjoy the new game and ignore its shortcomings, and the latter, well, not so much.

The chance to play a modern Might & Magic game that wasn’t changed and transformed in order to “appeal to a wider audience” is one that many fans of the series will jump at, and the game truly does deliver a great adventuring experience, with exciting and challenging combat and replay value.

Unfortunately Might & Magic X: Legacy has a number of shortcomings that will put off many potential players, its very dated and unpolished graphics and performance issues being at the forefront.

The start-stop grid-based movement system along with some of its limitations such as not being able to shoot over a bush that the engine deems unpassable or not being able to flee combat or enter towns while engaged will also be a stream of frustration.

Fortunately, the game fully supports mods, and hopefully dedicated fans will soon come up with more content, such as higher quality textures, in order to improve the gaming experience and address some of the more glaring issues.

If you can get over the dated visuals and the grid map, Might & Magic X: Legacy will prove a magical, enthralling experience that will offer tens of hours of enjoyment and will remind you of all the best times you had with the series.
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