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January 27th, 2014, 10:01
I don't really understand the "dated visuals" complaints. The visuals look fine, even in that reduced resolution video, though I do wonder what makes them so special they need 6 GB of memory, as somebody claimed in another thread. Doesn't look better than Skyrim on Ultra, does it?

Anyway, what people should be complaining about is a dated game engine or design. And yes indeed, that does look like a modern (not dated) take on a stereotypical ~1990 dungeon crawler. And looking at their dugneon layouts, the decision to make it step-mode grid based makes sense. The levels seem to assembled from those grid squares. Which is exactly how DMs and early game devs used to do it on graph paper. Probably would have felt weird to the player that everything was all squared off and uniform, if there was free facing and movement.
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