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January 27th, 2014, 13:43
Ranger is correct. Unless you kick the enemy away or the enemy pushes your whole party one step back (for example Lighthouse boss), you cannot move anywhere once engaged in melee distance. Also if you start shooting from a distance with one party member, no movement for others - they have to shoot too or if unable, you have to click the defend option.
The strategy part is bad as there is 25% chance your squishies will be hit since you can't do something with the position to keep them behind "tanks". Now there is a taunt spell tanks can perform, but then we get into another problem. Mana doesn't regenerate, tanks don't have 23465375637845 of mana, so you won't be taunting alot.
Someone mentioned lack of AoE spells as a minus, on that I can't agree. There is early AoE shieldbreaker spell that drops all nearby enemies -11 on defense value, and it's awsome against a group of hostiles.

I do respect Limbic and I don't see uPlay as a huge minus since it's Ubi who's pushing it not devs.
By the first look, and I'm early in chapter 1, this game however doesn't deserve 8.5.
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