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January 27th, 2014, 14:21
I'm having a lot off fun with it. Basic dungeon crawler, knows what its doing, and its not trying to be Skyrim. I'm fine with that. I particularly like that there's lots of classes available at character creation, so that you need to think about how to balance your party and there are lots of variations to play with.

I'm not far in (level 4), but in terms of crowd control spells I've found a really helpful one that freezes (no damage) groups of enemies that are gathered on one tile. Its a lifesaver when you're getting attacked by multiple groups of enemies and need a bit of breathing space, and its ranged so you can hit them when they're a couple of tiles away. The shield breaker spell that Joxer mentions is also essentially for fighting groups, and there are non-magic AOE attacks as well - eg at later levels blade dancers have a special move that attacks all enemies on adjacent squares.
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