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January 28th, 2014, 11:11
Thanks guys, I've added these Q&A's to the Subterranea FAQ page to answer your questions:

Will Subterranea be on Steam Greenlight?
Yes – Steam Greenlight is a no-brainer. For a bit of effort in setting up a campaign page and video, you get the opportunity to distribute on the world’s biggest Windows, Mac and Linux game distribution platform, and all it will cost Subterranea backers is a click of a button. So yes, we’ll be on Steam Greenlight by the end of February, 2014.

If it’s green-lit, will Subterranea be available on Steam Early Access?
Almost certainly. It’s very tempting as a small indie developer to get access to loads of alpha and beta testers, testing the game on a variety of OS and hardware configurations. This needs to be balanced by ensuring any bugs found are fixed promptly by us and puzzle/plot content is not revealed too early to future players outside of the Early Access program.

What about crowdfunding (e.g. Kickstarter)?
Most likely. Incorporating fees, it will cost an additional $2K to finish Subterranea. That will introduce deferred rendering (many more lights and realtime shadows – essential for megadungeons), nice effects like depth-of-field, realistic water (the game is partially set in a swamp after all), and other things that range between necessity and nice-to-have. An additional $2-4K would bring enhanced animations, better 2D/3D art and custom music. So a crowdfunding target would be reasonably modest, however we’re not planning on creating a crowdfunding campaign before all gameplay systems are finished and a good chunk of the content is complete, which is looking like mid-2014.
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