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January 28th, 2014, 13:41
First run on hard? Honestly, when it comes to Blackguards, knowing now what happens in the game, I'd never try that.

I believe you're talking about a sidequest fight against a shaman and 3 natives, now that one is very hard even on normal and practically you have to reload it to get at least one lucky crit. Or… I didn't know then but know now. Leave that sidequest for last before proceeding to the next chapter and do the main quest battles that reward you with huge AP amounts to pump up skills of your party. AoE damage spells won't help on this map as warriors use spears so they're never close to each other. Perception maxed on one partymember (bows/xbows) makes this battle also easier (trapdetection on the whole map) as you won't have to lose warriors' turns when they step onto a stun trap.
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