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January 28th, 2014, 14:47
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
One last time - any game that SIMULATES the third dimension, is a 3D game.
If I haven't overlooked anything, this is indeed the first more or less well-definition of 3D in this thread.

(And btw. I'm sure that CraigCWB has a differing definition in mind and that's why your previous discussion was imho pointless.)

That means the SLIGHTEST and LEAST functional "third dimension" implementation is arguably (and technically) a 3D game…
Hm… what about Infinity Engine games then? I think we all more or less know how it works and looks in the game.
You for example have visual effects like birds, that (with the trickery of shadows) seem to fly above the ground. Or you have hills, towers and balconies above the ground which you can stand on.
According to your definition Infinity games are 3D games too?

…though it might not make sense to talk about it as such - like my platform game example.
Well, isn't agreeing upon terminology/semantics all about being able to talk about stuff later on? Defining something but not using the derived terms later on seems pointless.
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