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January 28th, 2014, 15:49
Just started playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons again this past Oct. We are doing two campaigns and I am DM in one of them. Doing each in Greyhawk. So glad I started playing again and we are having a hell of a good time.

Playing computer RPG's the past 35 years has given me many great ideas to use as a DM. I must be getting more mellow in my old age because I am going easier on my players as a DM. Back in the day I would kill people off because I was dick
Now I am more about having fun and set the battles up more like a strategy game. If someone dies, I usually let the party bring them back or let them start a new character right there.

Happy 40th D&D and there has never been a game created that has had more influence on so many people. Just think where computer RPG's would be without D&D, if there would even be computer RPG's.

Gary Gygax is the MAN and I wish he was here for the 40th anniversary. I will drink a beer tonight for Gary and Dave Arneson. My life would be truly dull without their invention.
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