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January 28th, 2014, 17:16
Here are two previews for Spiders' Bound By Flame.


Bound By Flame is coming along well, adn Miled was visibly disappointed that the nature of the showcase meant that sadly we ran out of time before he could show us everything that he wanted to. It's clear that Spiders are proud of the game that they're making, and that they've aimed high with this title. The influence of CD Projekt RED's work with The Witcher series is heavily evident here, and to be fair, if you're going to take inspiration from anywhere, as a small studio looking to make an ambitious RPG, looking at CDPR's work (particularly with The Witcher 1 -- they're a bit bigger now than they were then) is a good place to start.

The digital focus is important, too. What was started with Mars: War Logs is being continued here: the idea that you can make a sub-£20, 25-hour RPG on a fraction of a triple-A budget, and still produce a quality product. It's probably for this reason that Spiders have looked towards as broad a market as possible, with the game coming to PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and PS4. Miled said that although there would be some improvements when it comes to the PS4 version, Bound By Flame was ultimately a game designed for last-gen consoles. The team haven't ruled out an appearance on the Xbox One, but according to Miled, there are no plans for an XO version as yet because they didn't receive dev kits in time.
Strategy Informer:

Spiders seem to be tempering ambition with practicality. Bound by Flame isn't some mega-budget blockbuster, and the studio knows it. Instead, they're focusing on making a game that's fun to play, with some cool mechanics and ideas. It feels like a rugged, lively B-movie alternative to the triple-A franchise giants like Dragon Age and Skyrim. I don't mean that to be patronising either, there's some real creativity and enthusiasm at work here. You'll visit several hub towns during the game's 25 hour run-time, and although I only saw the opening dungeon, the developers are promising that there will be plenty of varied locations to visit and a wide range of enemies to fight.
More information.
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