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January 28th, 2014, 16:22
Hey, I'm not saying it's a disaster! If I did, I'd already have it uninstalled and forgotten.
Act 1 should get 7/10, act 2 is better and deserves at least 7.5 or even 8. But it's just acts not the whole game. I don't believe the rest of acts stink, so wouldn't give less than 7/10. And not just because but because to me the most important thing is inside. No (obvious) bugs!

And from what I've seen gamespot's 6 is based on:
-1 because you don't need an expensive gamepad to play it and it's PC only game
-1 because there are no fancy movement combat animations and hell they have a story included in the game, not to mention default subtitles and we hate letters in games since we can't read! Tooltips, lorebooks, so many words on HUD, our heads will explode from so much info! And where the hell is the arrow pointer to the quest target on the map?
-1 because there is no face (any known name, even Romero would do) involved in game development and there is no DLC milk-o-rama
-1 because it's singleplayer only RPG and we hate that genre, give us a MMO with nonexistant AI shooter for god's sakes!
-1 they didn't pay for positive review
+1 oops, it's not EA, others don't have to pay for positive review
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